VINOUS Aesthetic Medicine Formulas

Our products are made with natural extracts which are extracted efficiently with modern high-tech methods. For the needs of skin after surgery, we have researched and developed skincare products to meet the needs of Asians’ skin with perfect and professional proportions. We give you healthy skin restoration products so that youth does not easily slip away.


Give your skin the most delicate care and health maintenance.


Brand Spirit

“Is it important to take care of your skin? Do you have skincare products that restore your skin with great effect?”

Yu-Zhen Liu, founder of Hua Wei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., entered the aesthetic medicine industry in 2000. With the 20-year experience and her passion for aesthetic medicine, Liu can enjoy achievements today. In the past two decades, she has realized that successful aesthetic medicine, micro-shaping cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery not only require right doctors, but also rely on cooperation among a clinic, doctor and recipient. However, the most important part is skincare after surgery. Restoring the skin efficiently depends on what skincare products you choose. It is the main goal of VINOUS Hua Wei Biotechnology to dedicate to skincare after surgery. From consumers’ perspectives, VINOUS Hua Wei Biotechnology gives your skin the best care and health.