VINOUS Aesthetic Medicine Formulas

Our products are made with natural extracts which are extracted efficiently with modern high-tech methods. For the needs of skin after surgery, we have researched and developed skincare products to meet the needs of Asians’ skin with perfect and professional proportions. We give you healthy skin restoration products so that youth does not easily slip away.


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HUA WEI  Takes Care Of Your Skin

EGF Anti-Wrinkle Serum

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    Sunflower essence Adjust oil on the outer skin. Ceramide with the same structure as the skin moisturizes the skin and enhances protection
    Q10 Nourish and revitalize the skin. Postpone skin aging with the anti-oxidation of vitamin E
    Vitamin E Restore and strengthen the natural moisturizing factors of the skin. Lock in moisture for the skin and provide deep nourishment to the skin from the inside out.
    Olive Oil With great nourishing and moisturizing effect, olive oil adjusts the skin and balances oil and water in the skin
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    Rosehip Oil Contain a great amount of linoleic acid to keep the skin soft
    Polypeptide With firming effect, polypeptide enhances skin vitality.
    Ceramide Moisturize the skin, enhance protection and reduce skin allergy and dryness.
    EGF Stimulate cell proliferation and migration of ectoderm and endoderm and speed up the skin’s metabolism.