VINOUS Aesthetic Medicine Formulas

Our products are made with natural extracts which are extracted efficiently with modern high-tech methods. For the needs of skin after surgery, we have researched and developed skincare products to meet the needs of Asians’ skin with perfect and professional proportions. We give you healthy skin restoration products so that youth does not easily slip away.


Give your skin the most delicate care and health maintenance.

Excellent Products R&D by Professional Teams
Strong Support Complete Educational Training
Rich Experience With over 20 Years of Experience

Director-general Liu who has been in the aesthetic medicine industry for 20 years always cares about the recovery of her customers after laser cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic surgery. The most important key is whether they have used the right skincare products.

VINOUS is the provider of designated skincare products after cosmetic surgery.

Even though the quality, reputation and prices of our products are good, we still need marketing to enhance the positioning of our products and differentiate our brand from other brands as market competitiveness is fierce. It is quite important to know how to attract consumers, and you have to identify with your products before recommending them to others. If you want to be our distribution partner, please contact us. Join the distribution business to give yourself a different path.

Hua Wei Biotechnology Customizes to Make Your Own Brand

Distributors often believe in a myth: if I do well, my achievements will be reaped; if I do not do well, I might be replaced.

Distributors can actually develop their own brands. Upon confirming the company’s philosophy and service positioning, they can get closer to consumers and command consumers’ needs.

Hua Wei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. develops distribution channels with our distributors and differentiates our managing partners and management from others. Additionally, we offer our distributors technical support, provide the proof of our products’ quality and instruct them how to solve our clients’ questions and give them assistance. Hua Wei has business exchange with distributors to achieve collaborative partnership, creating the maximum operating profits for both parties. If you want to create your own brand, please contact us.


EGF Beauty Code

Do you worry that there is any trace of aging on your face as you get older? In addition to aging, exposure to sunlight and air pollution can also make the skin dry and rough and begin to wrinkle! Do you feel quite helpless with these skin issues? Don’t worry. EGF Beauty Code lets your youth not slip away easily. EGF Beauty Code can reduce wrinkles, boost the skin’s metabolism and prevent skin dryness to bring you brightening and whitening effect.

Premium Nourishing Masks

Vinous Whitening Mask Improve dull skin tone.
Whiten skin.
Reduce dryness.
Repair skin.
Make skin tender and bright .
Vinous Premium Anti-Allergy Moisturizing Mask Prevent rough skin.
Alleviate discomfort.
Extra moisturizing.
Smooth fine lines.
Restore elasticity.
Firm pores.
Vinous Swiss Glacier Deep Moisturizing MaskPurify pores. Improve dull skin tone.
Revitalize skin.
Restore elasticity.
Balance oil and water in skin.

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